Thread inserts

Made of stainless chrome-nickel steel, thread inserts are a combination of space-saving and durable thread reinforcement in low-strength metallic materials or plastics.


The rhombic profiled wire, which is shaped into a coil, in combination with a driving tag, which is removed at the pre-determined breaking point following installation, shape the overall image of the thread insert.

The diamond-shaped cross-section, a controlled material selection and the great amount of care taken during production guarantee the user additional advantages with regard to the surface quality, wear resistance, thread friction, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Area of application

Thread inserts are used in less solid materials such as aluminium, brass, plastic, etc., in order to enable durable connections even with small diameters. Damaged or completely torn-out threads can also be repaired and have better properties than the original thread after plating.

Thread inserts can be inserted into the previous purpose-built special thread and screwed in like a conventional screw.

Nowadays, thread inserts are already in use in a wide range of areas such as machines and system construction, automotive manufacturing, commercial vehicle construction, tool manufacturing, special machine construction, the plastics industry, military technology, and the aerospace industry.

Thread inserts