Ring lock washers

Ring lock washers

With ring lock washers, we offer a high-quality locking system for sophisticated screw connections, which also offers reliable locking against unscrewing, even when subject to extreme vibrations or dynamic stresses, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for you! An important difference of the wedge lock washers compared to other systems that are already available is the fact that the screw connection is secured through pre-tension force rather than friction.

In so doing, we not only rely on sophisticated quality controls, but also subject the products to external and objective quality tests according to prescribed testing procedures.

The ring lock washers have radial teeth on the outside and wedge surfaces on the inside. The washers already bonded in pairs are placed below the screw head and/or the nut. When the screw is tightened, the radial teeth dig into the opposing surface so that when under stress, the only possibility of movement is between the two inner wedge surfaces. This creates an increased clamping force.

Ring lock washers offer high-quality, user-friendly locking for screw connections in demanding situations – particularly in multiple use. The ring lock washer system guarantees durable fixing and correct positioning for both halves of the washer. In this way, simple, safe and quick installation of the screw lock system is provided at all times even for users who are unfamiliar with it.

Construction of the ring lock washer system

The ring lock washers are supplied already pre-assembled. The ring lock washer system consists of a polyamide ring (PA) and a wedge lock washer. While the wedge lock washers in their established form secure the screw connection, the ring holds both of the individual washers together permanently in the right position.


  • Simple assembly and disassembly (ring lock washer system is supplied pre-assembled)
  • Tested system for screw retainer (locking elements that prevent unscrewing), at high as well as low tension
  • Especially suited for dynamic loading – even when used with lubricants
  • Can be reused multiple times, without loss of quality
  • Can also be used with high-tension screws 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 and the matching nuts
  • Available in stainless steel or steel (other materials available on request)
  • With narrow and wide contact surface
  • No risk of incorrect assembly with multi-usage due to the ring lock washer system

Materials and technical properties:

  • Steel design, through-hardened, 485 ± 25 HV0.3
  • Surface zinc flake coating Delta Protekt KL 100 + slide coating VH302*
  • Corrosion resistance: 600 hours without Fe corrosion, salt spray mist test in accordance with ISO 9227
  • Stainless steel design A4, 1.4404, surface-hardened, 520 HV0.05
  • Special materials: Inconel 718 or 254SMO (1.4547) possible on request

Fastening type

The ring lock washers belong to the family of fasteners designed to prevent unscrewing.

Important properties:

  • the connection does not unscrew
  • the pre-tension is maintained
  • the fastening element remains in the starting position
  • the connection remains “robust”


  • In order to ensure the functionality of a locking element designed to prevent unscrewing, the hardness of the mating material must be lower than that of the washer.
  • No locking effect when used with additional countersunk washers.